Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last day!

Wow Day 28, last day of the soul pancake challenge for myself..
I have been saving this one for the last day cuz i thought it would be a fun and good way to end!
SO page 57 Pop your problems
step 1. buy a bag of balloons
step 2. write something that makes you angry on each balloon
step 3. blow up the balloons. catch your breath
step 4. find something sharp and start stabbing. feel the release with every bang

 I totally made a video for this one! So check it out Pop your problems!

Well i guess this is it for now guys
<3 Amz

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 27!

Wow almost done!!!

Todays question is from page 101 Why are we obsessed with talking about other people?
I think everyone is insecure in their own ways and talking about other people lets us feel better about ourselves. i think its that plain and simple. Sucks but true.

it never leads to anything good, yet people still do it. It hurts when people talk about you behind your back but that doesnt stop people from talking about others behind their back.

Well those are my thoughts.
<3 Amz

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 26!!

Only 3 days left!!
So today im answering a question that Soul Pancake had posted on facebook, i follow them on facebook and twitter :) When is vulnerability healthy?

This is one that strikes home with me a lot. I am very much an open book, wear my heart on my sleeve kind of gal which people tend to look at as being vulnerable but i avoid situations that would make me vulnerable. So im my head being open leads to being vulnerable but they are not the same thing.

 I think being vulnerable is a good quality, you get to experience new things and usually the outcome is beneficial. Although if your being taken advantage of or being over exposed then i think thats as bad thing.

Recently i made myself vulnerable by allowing myself to get close to a guy and we started dating and what not. It has been an amazing experience so far.  In fact this weekend he told me he loved me :) He made himself vulnerable and put himself out there. I also have made myself vulnerable by saying it back to him. So as you can see taking chances leads to wonderful things

<3 Amz

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 23, 24 and 25

Hey guys, So i haven't blogged for 3 days now :( im sorry. Friday was hectic and then I had to take a friend to the doctors that night and my mind completely forgot about it, and then saturday im not sure why i forgot, so today i will be catching up for all the days! I am sorry to all my followers :(

Okay so Friday day 23 im going to answer page 9. What is the interplay between fate and free will? Fate in my mind is predetermined,  where free will is what you can decide to do.  They are interlocked because whats already predetermined(fate) limits the choices you have(free will) And depending on what choices you make(free will) it will affect the outcome of your life and therefore will predetermine some aspects of your life.   So in a way they are very similar yet still completely different, if that makes any sense haha

Saturday Day 24 of the soul pancake challenge im going to answer page 30, What's the line between inspiration and imitation? Any object can inspire you at any given moment, how you interpret it is what decides if you imitate it or not. I also feel like sometimes an object will inspire and then when you go to create your art-piece. in any shape way or form, you may think your creating a whole new masterpiece but parts will be similar. So i personally think you cant have one without the other.

Now for todays! Day 25! page 50, How to know when to call it quits and when to forge ahead? I feel like this is different for everyone person, As everyone can handle different stresses and different amounts. When i give up its because i honestly cant handle it anymore. So either Its too much work, stress, and/or the rewards or benefits are not outweighing the cons. If its a big decision i also tend to talk to someone about it before making the final decision as i tend to overthink things in my head and talking it out with a good friend usually puts a different perspective on it and will help me make a well rounded choice :)

Well hope everyone had a great weekend! I know i did :)
<3 Amz

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 22!!

Well day 22 of my Soul Pancake Challenge! These past three weeks have flew by...

Today i tackled page 38-39. The black-out poet.
step 1.grab a marker. a black one. dont sniff it.
 step 2. find a single sheet of newspaper or tear a page from your favorite magazine. even a book you wish you'd never read.
step 3. black out what doesnt belong. chisel away a word at a time until you reveal your poetic masterpiece.

Well this is what i did. twice. and it was actually harder than i expected it to be.

youth at trouble for years. have little experience. get trouble involved. dont sign contract.
(this is referring to me buying my car.. i bought it almost 5 years ago now and im still paying for it and will have paid triple for what it was worth when i originally got it)

The next one says Saskatoon is as home. That clear battle of large undecided outcome.

Well thats all for today! 
<3 Amz

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay trying this whole video thing again but in a way different way!
So i uploaded it onto youtube, my Video ! Check it out for my answer to page 99 Carefully list 5 things you would literally chop off your little toe for.

<3 Amz

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 20

Today im tackling the question that made me have to soul pancake challenge. When Katie answered this question in a video i burst into tears, i was speechless. Katies video! She is so open and displays raw emotion. Re-watching the video now still brings tears to my eyes.

So now for me to answer that question.. page 49 Whats the biggest mistake you've ever made?
Mine is being a coward and not standing up for myself. I live within the limitations others put on me. I used to care so much about other people that i never knew who i was. In the past few years i have done alot of soul searching and growing as an individual. So now its time to learn the delicate balance of standing up for myself without being a B*tch

 <3 Amz